(This Contract Form is for those using school instruments, including all percussionists)

Certain district-owned instruments are available to students for use during the school year. An annual $75 usage fee is required from students using wind instruments to help cover the cost of routine maintenance. Percussion students pay an annual fee of $50. The instrument may not be a brand new instrument, but all school instruments are in playing condition before it is issued to a student. Please carefully read the following information and guidelines with your child.

1. Students are allowed to transport the school instrument to and from home to fulfill practice requirements.

2. The student whose name is on the contract is the only student who can play, carry, or clean the instrument unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

3. Students must perform routine cleaning to ensure the instrument remains in playing condition. The student must provide any necessary supplies for regular maintenance (valve oil, slide grease, swabs, etc.).

4. If a repair is needed due to abuse or lack of proper care, parents are responsible for all damages. The instrument must be taken to an approved music store for repairs. The parents are responsible for the cost.

5. Students and parents are responsible for the school instrument at all times. If an instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, parents must replace the lost/stolen/damaged instrument with another of the same brand and model of equal or more value than the previous instrument. The student, or their parents, should never try to repair an instrument themselves to help avoid the need for additional repairs later.

**Payment Options: (Winds $75 / Percussion $50)
One Payment: September 1st / Two Payments: ½ September 1st and ½ December 1st **

** Marching Band School Instruments are paid through MB Fees. Families only need to complete this form without paying.

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By checking the box below we understand that we are responsible for maintaining the instrument provided for our child during the 2018-2019 school year. We understand that any damage incurred to the instrument while in our possession, including carelessness in the classroom, is our responsibility. We have read the instrument contract information (above), and agree to comply with the conditions as stated concerning the use of the school instrument in our possession. *
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