My Ideal Workplace Assessment
Discover the conditions you need to have ideal well-being and productivity at work.
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At Great Places and Spaces, our goal is to increase positive working conditions by helping you gain clarity about what is working great and what needs to change to make you happy and productive at work. We've designed My Ideal Workplace Assessment to do just that.

By taking My Ideal Workplace Assessment, you'll discover your perfect work setting, both physical and psychological.  

This assessment is part of a new measurement system called the Productivity Quotient, which helps you design your working life to get your best results every day.

Please answer the questions based on your best first thought.  There are no right or wrong answers.  This survey is Completely Confidential, short and easy to complete. It's based on national data of what helps people do their best work in the modern age. When you are finished, be sure to click "send me my results".  You'll receive your personalized report within a short time.

Thanks, and if you have questions you can reach us at

Phyllis Horner, PhD and Manfred Zapka, PhD
Co-founders, Great Places and Spaces LLC

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