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You were sad when you found out Vine was going away. We were sad, too. And we couldn't shake the feeling that Vine and the creators that once made up its thriving community never quite got the send-off they deserved. We want to remedy that.

That's why we made BEST VINES EVER, a month-long celebration that finishes off with a fan-voted Top 100 countdown, along with a fun-filled awards ceremony at NeueHouse Hollywood on May 17, 2017 featuring special category awards chosen by judges selected from industry pros and digital peers. Entries to the contest close Tuesday April 11.

• April 11 - Creators Submissions Close
• April 11 - Fan Voting Begins on Snakt
• May 17 - Invite Only Awards Show and Party Time
To participate, you need to allow us to load your Vines onto the voting platform so fans can vote. Voting will take place on Snakt, our mobile app partner. Snakt's technology preserves each individual Vine separately, along with its original caption. If you're not familiar with Snakt, please get acquainted. It's cool. You can check it out at

Fans will vote by reposting an individual Vine, or creating Vine compilations or remixes.

Sign up below, and we'll take care of the rest. It'll take you longer than six seconds, but not much longer. Your videos will remain yours, and your username will be watermarked on your videos, no matter how many times they're remixed.

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That's it! Pretty easy, right? We thought so, too. If you have any questions, hit us up over at the contact form at the bottom of the page at

Good luck and thank you for helping us pour one out to Vine one last time.

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