Digital Preservation Essentials: Pre-ingest and Ingest (face-to-face modules) Evaluation Form
The Australasia Preserves Digital Preservation Education Working Group has developed six training modules focusing on pre-ingest and ingest activities for doing digital preservation work.

Please note these modules have been developed for face-to-face delivery. Online delivery mechanisms have not yet been developed or trialed. We had hoped to trial these modules in a face-to-face delivery session before publishing them, but alas the COVID-19 pandemic halted these plans. As an interim measure we are releasing the modules for comment and feedback in their present state.

Anonymised results may be shared with the Australasia Preserves community of practice and in other forums, in the interest of sharing and improving any future training materials.

These modules were developed by the following members of the Australasia Preserves Working Group on Digital Preservation Education: Matthew Burgess, State Library of New South Wales; Carey Garvie, National Archives of Australia; Lachlan Glanville, University of Melbourne; Valerie Love, National Library of New Zealand; Gene Melzack, University of Melbourne; Peter Neish, University of Melbourne; Rachel Tropea, University of Melbourne; Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne.

This evaluation form has been adapted from an evaluation form developed by the Australasia Preserves Working Group on Digital Preservation Education. Shared under CC-BY-NC-SA license
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