2011 Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape
2017 Survey of UNESCO Member States

UNESCO’s Member States are invited to send to the UNESCO Secretariat information on their implementation of the 2011 Recommendation on The Historic Urban Landscape (hereafter “the 2011 Recommendation”), including a Glossary of Definitions.

The questionnaire can be completed electronically and should be sent by typing answers directly into this form electronically and saved. The survey should be uploaded no later than 30 September 2018.

The following questionnaire was designed as part of the consultation with the Member States towards reporting of the 2011 Recommendation, to be submitted to the General Conference at its 40th session in 2019. The questionnaire includes base data and specific elements relating to statistics, concrete measures taken in relation to policies, capacity building, research, information technology and communication and results achieved, as well as challenges therein.

For timely submission of the questionnaire, enough time should be provisioned to allow consultation with authorities at the national/local level.

Download the original document EX202/24 Part VI: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0025/002527/252798e.pdf

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Survey Overview:
1. Introduction
A. About the Recommendation
B. Reporting Obligations
C. Definition of Terms
D. Main Issues
2. How to fill in the survey
3. The Questionnaire
I. Definition
II. Policies
III. Tools
IV. Capacity Building, Research, Information Technology and Communications
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