Intra-District Transfer Request for 2020-21 School Year
School Board Policy 5120 - The School Board directs that the assignment of students to schools within this Corporation be consistent with the best interests of students and the best use of the resources of this Corporation.

1. Parents/Teachers seeking an intra-district transfer should complete this Intra-District Transfer Request Application on or before June 1st of the school year prior to the one for which the transfer is requested. If the request is approved, the student will be granted approval for transfer for only one (1) school year per application. A new transfer request application must be submitted annually.

2. In completing the form, parents should complete all portions of the form and state specifically the reason for the transfer.

3. All transfer approvals are contingent on the parent/guardian providing transportation to and from school each school day. Noblesville Schools will not provide transportation. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) may not use Noblesville Schools' bus transportation system for transporting their child(ren) to and/or from school.

The Students Services Department will act on applications submitted by June 1st no later than July 9th of the current school year. All other requests will be acted upon by the first student attendance day of the requested school year of transfer.

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