Gwyn McNamee/DP Payne Signed Paperback and Swag Order Form
This form is for the order of signed paperback editions of books and swag from Gwyn McNamee and DP Payne. All prices include USA shipping. If you are outside the USA and need to figure out shipping costs or if have any questions on prices, please email Gwyn at
The Hawke Family Series (contemp romance/romantic suspense) (complete series)

Savage Collision $15
Tortured Skye $20
Stone Sober $20
Building Storm $20
Tainted Saint $10
Steele Resolve $10
***Full series price - $85
Which books would you like to order from the Hawke Family Series?
The Slip Series (romantic comedy) (complete series)
Dickslip (A Scandalous Slip Story #1) $10
Nipslip (A Scandalous Slip Story #2) $10
Beaver Blunder (A Scandalous Slip Story #3) $10

***Full Series Price - $25
Which books would you like to order from the Slip Series?
The Inland Seas Series (contemporary romantic suspense featuring modern day bad boy pirates on the Great Lakes)(completed series)
Squall Line - Book 1 - $15
Rogue Wave - Book 2 - $20
Safe Harbor - Book 3 - $20
Anchor Point - Book 4 - $20
Dark Tide - Book 5 - $20
***Full series price - $90 for all five
Which books would you like to order from the Inland Seas Series?
Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd - (erotic Paranormal romance)(complete series)
Parched $10
Cursed $10
Spirited $10
Loched - $10
***Full series Price - $35
Which books would you like to order from the Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd?
The Deadliest Sin Series (dark romance/romantic suspense) - WRATH TRILOGY
Wrath $10
After Wrath $10
Surviving Wrath - $10

***Full Wrath set Price - $25 (individual books)

Envy $10
Bleeding Envy $10
Enduring Envy $10
Which books would you like to order from The Deadliest Sin Series?
The Warren Family Holidays (standalones within the series)
Which Warren Family book would you like to order?
Series Print Collections
Which print collection would you like to order?
The Fury Family Series (Part of the Cocky Hero Club)
Dirty Player - Cocky Hero Club - hockey/sports romance - $20
Filthy Friend - Cocky Hero Club - best friends to lovers romance - $20
Shameless Chef - Cocky Hero Club - enemies to lovers romance - 20 (PREORDER RELEASING SUMMER 2021)
Which books would you like to order from The Fury Family Series?
Which books would you like to order from my stand-alones?
All four coloring books contain EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT! If you don't want to see/color pictures of people getting busy, these aren't the coloring books for you!

$10 each or all four for $35
Which coloring books would you like to order?
Playroom Bags!
Playroom Bags contain all sorts of exclusive items you can ONLY get in the bag and they are available in very limited quanities! In this first edition of the bag, you'll receive an insulted travel coffee mug, a super soft felt Kindle case/paperback book blanket that will fit ANY size Kindle or paperback, a squishy stress-ball skull with the Inland Seas logo, a Hawkeye Club shotglass, a mystery swag bag and "sexy gift" AND a SIGNED MYSTERY paperback that will be a special edition of one of my books available ONLY in this bag.

$50 per back plus $10 shipping. These can be shipped immediately, so they will make great holiday gifts!

Individual items from the bag are also available - please add $5 for shipping to these prices.
Insolated travel mug: $10
Felt Kindle case/Book Blanket $10
Gwyn McNamee woven tote bag $5
What would you like to order?
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