ShapeShift Asset Request Form
Here at ShapeShift, we take feedback and requests from our customers to heart. Do you have a digital asset or token you would like us to add to the exchange? Please provide us with the name of this asset as well as any additional details you would like to provide.

NOTE: Submitting your requested asset to this form does not ensure that we will add it to the exchange. We get dozens of requests for new assets to be added every day and can not add them all. We continually keep our eyes on the markets and cross reference this discovery/request form list when making decisions to add new assets so rest assured, we are continuing to look into all requests. If we decide to add your asset, we will first announce to our email subscribers, then to our social media channels. Please feel free to connect:

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Please provide the name of the asset you are suggesting for ShapeShift to add to the exchange: *
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