Griffin Dyeworks Class Proposal
Submission of a class proposal will not guarantee you are teaching a class. This will depend on class scheduling and number of participants. We will make all attempts to accommodate you.

This is not for a specific event -- after an event is scheduled we will contact you to see if you are available to teach a class. Hopefully having this online archive will make it quicker & easier to find teachers/classes and prevent anyone from having to submit the same class proposal several times a year!

Teachers receive a discount on event entry based on the # of hours they are scheduled to teach. Unstructured class teachers will be compensated with a gift certificate.
Structured Class or Unstructured? *
Unstructured is a way of announcing "Hey, I'm prepared to show you X skill when we're both free!"
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Class Description *
Please include details on any pre-requisites, required skills, or experience level of the class
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Class Length
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Is this class Child Friendly?
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When do you prefer to teach this class?
If this class is chosen for a specific event, we'll revisit this so it meshes with your schedule.
Class Size - Maximum *
Choose the Max # of students you will teach
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Class Size - Minimum
Choose the Minimum # of students you require to teach
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Class Fee *
Please charge for materials only. Teacher receive a discount on event entry in lieu of payment.
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Materials Provided in Class
Items you will provide for the students (either loan or permanent)
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Materials the students should bring
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Materials the Event staff should provide
Table? Chairs? Stoves?
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What upcoming event is this class for (if it is for a specific event)?
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Anything else you want to note or specify?
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