PBIS Student Survey
Please complete the survey.
What is your current grade level?
Do you know what P.B.I.S. is?
Do you feel that the TEACHERS here at Hornsby treat the STUDENTS with respect?
Do you feel that the STUDENTS here at Hornsby treat the TEACHERS with respect?
Do you feel that the students here at Hornsby treat each other with respect?
Do you understand the school rules?
Give an example of what positive behavior should look like inside the school.
Your answer
Do you know what behaviors are expected from you inside the school building?
Please list some of the behaviors that you think cause the most problems at school?
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My teachers have classroom rules that are visible for students read and follow?
How often do your teachers teach and reteach classroom rules and expectations?
Do you know what "positive behaviors" look like?
List some examples of what positive behaviors should look like in a school setting.
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Does being rewarded make you want to continue showing positive behaviors?
Do you believe that students should receive incentives or rewards for displaying positive behaviors?
List some ideas for incentives/rewards that students would like to receive for displaying positive behaviors?
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