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The photography sessions are an opportunity for photographers with professional equipment to photograph the wolves at their leisure. The session is not informational; rather, a guide will accompany you through the facility and offer knowledge and expertise for optimal locations, angles, and viewpoints that would provide the best opportunity for photos. For these sessions, all photography equipment is permitted, including tripods and long lenses, though video is still prohibited. All guests and visitors will be viewing and photographing the wolves from behind/through 1 to 2 sets of fencing, with 3×3 to 3×6 inch wide gaps.
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We would like your phone number in case there is a problem with the email address, or if we need to contact you the day of your scheduled tour. It's not required but appreciated.
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Photography sessions are only offered on Wednesdays and Fridays. Typically the best times in terms of lighting and activity level of the wolves are in the early morning or end of the day. We cannot schedule any tours after 2:00 PM. Scheduling is entirely dependent on the availability of our volunteer tour guides. Please check any and all days and times that would work for you.
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Please allow at least 1 week of advanced notice for us to confirm availability with our tour guides. Photography sessions may not be possible on a last-minute basis. We cannot schedule any tours after 2:00 PM.
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Please provide the total number of people who you expect to be in your group, including any non-photographers who may be joining you. Please note that photo sessions are $50 per person for every 30 minutes spent, regardless of whether everyone will be taking pictures. As a nonprofit, all of our tour funds directly benefit the wolves.
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