Adventure School - Health and Physical Education Consultation
While at Adventure School, children are taught about and participate in many Health and Physical Education programmes and activities. As part of our two yearly review of Health and PE, we would like to ensure that we are providing programmes and activities that are important to parents and meet the needs of students.

There are four sections to this survey - Health, Physical Education, Sexuality Education and other comments. Sexuality Education is a programme that is taught at Year 7 and 8 level only. We welcome feedback on this from all parents at Adventure though, regardless of whether you have children at these year levels or not.

Can you please indicate by selecting "Not important", Important" or "Really Important - Vital for our children to learn" from the drop down menu for each component of our Health, PE and Sexuality Education programmes.

This survey link can be used to submit results from more than one parent/caregiver in the household. All results will be collated and taken into consideration when planning 2016-2017 programmes.

Your selections and comments are anonymous.

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