IMK- Diversity Tour to Worship Places 2015 Registration Form
I AM KARACHI - Diversity Tours

Places: Church, Mosque, Temple and Mandir

Event Date:

Organizer: Youth Development Foundation (YDF)


I AM KARACHI - Diversity Tour will provide an opportunity to participants for visiting different worship places and spend time with their fellow youth to learn more about the diverse beliefs and practices in Pakistan. Participants will explore local diversity in Karachi and develop new relationships and networks for peace building and interfaith harmony in Pakistan.

Diverse religious places will be visited as part of this tour. Participants from local communities will spend time at each other place of worship where they will be welcomed by the hosting faith youth and YDF member and given a guided tour of the site. After visiting they will get chance to discuss, sharing and dialogues with hosting faith leaders about the site, faith traditions, symbols, history and commonalities of the particular faith to reduce misconceptions, myths by developing healthy relationships for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

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* Only for Karachi - Based participants.

Ahmad Shah
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