2021 Registration for Virtual Conference
This is the registration form for the 2021 Virtual TAPS Conference, to take place February 27, 2021
For more information about the conference, see www.texaspaganstudents.org/register-virtual - and this year, it's FREE!

Registration Deadline is February 13, 2021
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What school do you attend or what local organization are you a member of? Please include contact information for someone in your organization that can verify you are a member (if you are not from Austin PSA or Texas State PSF). If you are not part of a university group, you may be asked for proof of college enrollment. *
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What is your experience with paganism? What would you expect to get out of this experience? Other comments? *
This year's conference will be FREE OF CHARGE. If you're registering, please plan to attend so we can plan accordingly!
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