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Please complete this form to share your implementation ideas and experiences and keep T4L Website growing. Provide a brief description of your experience and how it has made a difference in your school. If you have an artifact to complement your contribution just indicate the format (i.e. picture(s), student work, research report, video etc.) We will contact you for further details. All submissions will be peer reviewed before acceptance for the website. This information will be transferred to our collaborative spreadsheet for review when you click on ‘submit’. Thank you for participating!
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We need to know a bit about you and how to reach you for more information. Please provide your full name, position, school and/or district, telephone and email.
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What area of the website does your contribution best support? Provide a very brief description of your contribution and any supporting artifacts you have to share. Please avoid student names and photos.
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How did your initiative make a difference in your school e.g. student achievement, teacher efficacy, community involvement, school improvement etc.)
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Complete this section if you have an idea for a new section for the website that would be helpful to implementation of Together for Learning.
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