[IC]Samice Custom Kit

Hi there,

Here are the details of the IC. Please check and fill in the form to join.
Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/fqDtzMr
Top mount
PC or Aluminum alloy top case
3MM mirrored stainless steel PVD bottom case
Alu plate( Grey Silver Green Blue Red )
Pure Brass weight
PCB: Soldered PCB, TYPE-C interface, VIA support
RGB Underglow  
3.5MM foam silicone
Aluminum alloy top Case color: Grey Black Green Blue Red
Price: $300USD+-
Shipping fee:$40-$60
Estimated Delivery: The estimated shipping date will be confirmed after the GB ends. (About 1-2months)
Join the Discord server for GB updates:https://discord.gg/XMKBwN4mr3
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Thank you, please also feel free to join the Discord server for GB updates: https://discord.gg/XMKBwN4mr3
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