Scholar and Feminist Conference: Surveillance Self-Defense Workshops
Subverting Surveillance: Strategies to End State Violence
BCRW's annual Scholar and Feminist Conference

FRIDAY 4–5:30/6 PM: Self-defense workshops
Three workshops that take different hands-on approaches to the risks of surveillance and strategies for self-defense and resistance. See below for descriptions and to make a selection.

NOTE: Space is limited, and this is not a formal RSVP. Seating is available on a first-come, first seated basis. Please select ONE workshop (or choose one YES and one MAYBE) to help conference organizers plan space needs accordingly.

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Workshop 1: Community Safety & Security Team Training, facilitated by Meejin Richart and Steve Kohut *
We invite all, and especially those interested in contributing to the safety, wellness and self-determination of those most impacted by violence from police and outside agitators, to join us for an interactive and informational training on community security. Participants will learn about the role security teams play during community actions and events, and receive training on basic protocols and skills needed to conduct security for rallies and marches. // Steve Kohut is a member of the Justice Committee, born and raised in the Lower East Side and a proud Nuyorican. Meejin Richart is a volunteer with CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, and provides ongoing support for families whose loved ones have been killed by NYPD.
Workshop 2: The C.O.R.E.: A Sci-Fi Immigrant/ Trans Youth Narrative on Resisting a Surveillance State - a workshop and Screening with Global Action Project *
As educators, artists, activists, and users of digital media, it is critical to have stories, tools and practices to engage our speculative imaginations and envision a world where state surveillance is not equivalent to safety and security is found in community. To help create these concepts in the real world we can use the digital world to map out, design and plan alternative futures. For our workshop, The C.O.R.E. - A Sci-Fi Immigrant/ Trans Youth Narrative on Resisting a Surveillance State, Global Action Project (G.A.P.) will present a short dystopian narrative, The C.O.R.E., that imagines a future social order where immigrants and TLGBQ communities are relegated to the lowest caste. Following the screening, participants will engage with G.A.P.'s Movement History Timeline, a user-friendly, online application, to add their personal stories and utopian visions to a future that must be dreamed before it can be lived.
Workshop 3: Digital Surveillance and Self-Defense, facilitated by Alison Macrina, Community Team Lead at the Tor Project *
This workshop will explore surveillance, technology, digital security, and tactics for self-defense. The workshop will cover threat modeling and risk assessment, exploring the specific ways that people are affected by state surveillance based on race, class, gender, ability, immigrant status, and other factors, with information about threat actors like ICE, the FBI, and local police. Participants will also discuss corporate surveillance and the relationship between third-party tracking and state surveillance–and how to block it. Participants will learn tools and tactics for privacy, basic best practices, and setting up self-defense through encrypted messaging, discussing a comparison of various encryption apps, using the Tor Browser, and understanding surveillance issues related to internet browsing. This workshop is hands-on, but participants are not required to have or bring computers or phones to participate and learn.
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