SKSC Daily Health Questionnaire
This intent of this form is similar to the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool (

By completing this questionnaire in an honest and daily fashion, it creates a simple tool for SKSC to:
** Monitor the overall health of the team,
** Help in the prevention of spreading COVID-19

** Swimmers are required to complete the form the day of workout, before heading to the pool for every workout they attend
** Each swimmer must have their own form
** 11 & Under swimmers must have a guardian fill it out
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Swimmer's Name *
Please enter swimmer's name as registered with SKSC (first and last name). Only 1 swimmer per form.
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Are you experiencing any of the following: Severe difficulty breathing (e.g. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words), severe chest pain, having a very hard time waking up, feeling confused, losing consciousness? *
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