Interest in HRI2017 telepresence
Thanks to Revolve Robotics and Suitable Technologies, HRI 2017 will have telepresence available for you to attend remotely. Please fill out this form with your interest in attending HRI 2017 via telepresence. You will receive emailed instructions on how to log in for your selected sessions shortly after you fill out the form.

Please note that our complimentary telepresence is dependent on adequate wifi connectivity. We cannot guarantee that telepresence will always be available or that the video/audio will be consistent.

Lastly, please note that the conference is held in Austria. Therefore, take into account time differences when signing up for sessions. You can find the complete program here:
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In the following questions, please select which sessions you would like to attend via telepresence.
Tuesday March 7 Sessions
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Thursday March 10 Sessions
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