Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga
Important note: The registration should be completed at least 24 hours before the class. The School must confirm your registration by e-mail.
Code of conduct :
C&M Vocational School firmly believes a positive school culture improves learning atmosphere and establishes the framework for a safe learning environment. The code of conduct comprised of a set of policies, rules and laws is intended to be an instructive policy based on support for students.
1. C&M students are kindly expected to have the following attributes.
2. Good communication.
3. Positive and realistic expectations.
4. Tolerance and appreciation of cultural differences.
5. Self-motivation.
6. Positive regard for others.
7. Adaptability and flexibility.
8. Friendly towards the environment and ecosystem.
9. The code of conduct creates an obligation for students to :
• Actively participate in class with the primary motivation of sharing their knowledge with the other students for the purpose of cultural exchange
• Follow and respect the school rules and respect the school property.
• Keep the school premises clean.
• Take responsibility for communicating in an honest and respectful way thus developing positive relationships with the other students and C&M Team based on mutual trust and open communication.
10. The code of conduct may include accepting that there will be cultural differences within the course and embracing the differences. In case of any kind of misunderstanding, the students are kindly requested to work out an agreeable solution with the help of the school team.
Attendance policy & Conditions :
1. The payment (tuition fee + service charge of the payment) has to be fully made to the school at least 24 hours before the class starts.
2. There is no refund after submitting the tuition fee. If because of any reason the student can’t attend the class on the agreed start date, the student can choose another date for participating in the registered class within 1 month only if the student has informed the school 24 hours before the class starts.The start date can not be changed more than once.
3. The booking or any modification has to be confirmed via email at least 24 hours before the class starts. ( )
4. The right to attend the class is only for the guest who has registered, and this right can’t be transferred to anybody else after the class starts unless you have informed the school 24 hours before the start date.
5. Being absent in class means missing that session, and there won’t be any make-up sessions unless you have informed the school 24 hours before the absent date , and you can choose a date for the make-up sessions within 1 month.
6. The lesson plan is defined by the teacher.
7. The studying materials are included.
8. We offer open classes, which are taught in groups.
9. Unfortunately we cannot accept the guest who haven’t registered in the class.
12. There are 3methods of payment in order to transfer the money to the school :
a) Cash
b) PayPal (+7%)
c) Bank card (+3%)
*** Vat included.
12. The guests have to read the School Policy, and agree to follow the rules.
13. In any other case, that will be the school’s right to make any final decisions.
14. If there is any change about the details, conditions and policy of the school in the future, the school has the right to modify without any advance notice to you.
15. All the students are responsible for their own possessions and personal safety, the School doesn’t accept any liabilities and responsibilities by any reason.
*** I fully understand all the terms and conditions , and agree to follow them with the respect. *
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