Call to action - please join us for a rally and action the first day of the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session.

Join hundreds of youth and allies as we rally and demand urgent action on climate this session. Invite your friends to participate and join us as we show our collective power.

We’ll be at the roundhouse in Santa Fe from 12 to 2 pm demanding better for our communities and our future.

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We are so grateful for your participation. When we stand together - we can accomplish great things. We are hopeful that together we can push for and win meaningful climate justice action by our lawmakers this year!
Below please let us know how you plan to participate. 
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As part of the action - we'll be doing a die-in. We are asking EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS THE EVENT to wear black or red to the action. We also invite action participants to be a part of the die-in (laying down on the ground for 8 minutes - representing the 8 years we have left according to scientists to reverse our emissions and stop burning fossil fuels) which will be a a focus for press and action dissemination. Can we count on you to be part of the die-in? *
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Thank you!!!! We'll be in touch to coordinate! Feel free to share this registration with family and friends - Facebook Events: 
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