accuRx Patient Triage
We've built accuRx Patient Triage make life easier for practice staff through intuitive design and integrations with the patient record, the NHS Spine & the accuRx toolbar. It's also designed to improve patient accessibility & experience through a simple flow with no apps or log-ins needed.

We're releasing accuRx Patient Triage to select practices for free up until April 2021. We're doing this to get feedback from early users to continually improve the product, and also so CCGs can see the impact with local practices when deciding if they'll purchase it as part of accuRx Plus.

We know it's important for practices to have control of their patient channels at every step of the way. We also recognise that each practice will have their own way of working that suits their individual needs. You will always have full control of your practice's link, and we'll offer support and resources to help with your roll-out.

Next steps:
- If you're happy to commit trying out Patient Triage for yourself, fill out this brief form.
- A member of the accuRx team will then be in touch within 3 working days.
- Try out the product for yourself internally and with a few early patients
- Decide whether you'd like to continue using accuRx Patient Triage with patients, or if you'd prefer not to continue your trial
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