Adopt-A-Team Registration Form
For individuals, classrooms, and teams registering for the 2016 THE Spring Games Adopt-A-Team program.

The Adopt-A-Team program was established in 2015 and is designed to introduce youth in Lake County to colleges, coaches, and players who have worked very hard to follow their dreams of becoming collegiate athletes. The program includes exchanges of videos, letters, and other fun "stuff" and encourages young people to learn about colleges all around the United States.

For THE Spring Game team participants (i.e., college teams playing in THE Spring Games), the Adopt-A-Team program gives coaches and players a chance to engage with a group of young people and share their sport, their school, and their area with each other.


- To create at least one (1) video to exchange with your adopted team/classroom. Videos should be exchanged no later than the end of November 2015. PFX Athletics will assist in these communications.

- To provide at least one "care package" for your adopted team/classroom (including t-shirts, SWAG, letters, and whatever else you think will encourage your adopted team to learn more about you). Care packages should be exchanged between December and January. PFX Athletics will assist with the care package sharing.

- Adopted teams are encouraged to meet each other during THE Spring Games when the college is in town. Remember, most youth classrooms/teams rely on parent travel and schools limit the number of teams who can visit and the terms of visitation. PFX Athletics will help to connect the teams with their classrooms/teams as much as possible but in-person meetings are not guaranteed.

Learn more about the Adopt-A-Team program at
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