2021-2022 Troy School District Universal Permission Form
All students and their parents/guardians are required to complete the Universal Permission form.

The Troy School District Student Handbook is available on-line at https://tinyurl.com/yx8mju2f
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Student(s) Name: *
Grade: *
Parent/Guardian Name(s): *
Mailing Address: *
Physical Address: *
Phone Number: *
E-mail: *
Emergency Contact Information: *
Name and phone number of person to be contacted in case of emergency.
Student Handbook *
The Troy School District Student Handbook is available on-line at https://tinyurl.com/yx8mju2f. At the beginning of each year students review the Student Handbook. There are changes in the Handbook from year to year and students and parents should have a copy and review it regularly. The Handbook will answer many questions that you may have. Please read and discuss the information with your child so that you and your child understand the expectations of Troy School District. Please type your name below indicating that you have read and understand the contents of the Troy School District Student Handbook. Further, I understand that the expectations laid out in the Troy School District Student Handbook are in effect during school hours, at all school-sponsored activities, on all school properties, and on school buses. TYPE YOUR NAME BELOW:
Network and Internet Access Verification *
Access to school technology and internet services is a privilege. Anyone who does not adhere to the Troy School District’s Acceptable Use Policy for Network and Internet Access will have this privilege revoked and may be subject to further disciplinary action. This policy is found in the Troy School District Student Handbook in the Facilities & Programs section under the heading Computer Resources. PLEASE SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS FOR YOUR CHILD:
Acceptable Use Policy for Network and Internet Access *
Chromebook Use Agreement (for those using District issued Chromebooks)
The full Chromebook Use Agreement is found in the Troy School District Student Handbook.
Open Gym Liability Release Agreement *
It is the policy of the Troy School District to require a signed liability release before allowing anyone to participate in a non-school activity on school property. In the event it becomes necessary for the School District staff to obtain emergency care for me/my child, neither he/she nor the School District assumes financial liability for expenses incurred because of an accident, injury, illness and/or unforeseen circumstances. PLEASE SELECT ALL
Student Vehicles (high school)
Acknowledgement of Nursing Services *
Troy School District has a part time school nurse on campus. This allows you as the parent/guardian to understand how these nursing services can impact your child’s health. Below is a sample list but services are not limited to only those listed.  If there is a specific concern/request for any child, please call the nurse at the Lincoln County Health Department:  406-283-2447 and it can be discussed further. Services include:  Vaccination administration and records management; Health education and screenings as appropriate; Student health records and management forms; Monitoring sickness and student health; Acute illness/injury care and referral to treatment by Provider; Consulting parents and students with any questions on health and wellness. School nurses are NOT able to medically diagnose, prescribe medication or treat moderate/severe illness/injury. PLEASE SELECT ALL:
Permission to Administer Medication
The selected items below authorizes Troy School District to administer to your child age-appropriate doses of the medications selected below. The school office keeps a supply of aspirin and Tylenol on hand, other medications must be provided by the parent or guardian.
Health Enhancement & Sex Education (only grades 6-12)
Health, family life, and sex education, including information about parts of the body, reproduction, and related topics, will be included in the instructional program as appropriate to grade level and course of study. Parents may ask to review materials to be used and may request that their child be excluded from sex education class sessions without prejudice. SELECT THE OPT OUT IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR CHILD TO BE EXCUSED FROM THE DISTRICT'S SEXUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM:
Photo and News Release Permission Verification *
From time to time Troy School District may wish to publicize special programs or the academic/extracurricular achievements of students through District and/or news websites, newspaper articles, or television broadcasts. Such publications or broadcasts may include the names and/or photographs of students. PLEASE SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS FOR YOUR CHILD:
Student Directory Information Notification *
If you do not want directory information about your child disclosed to third parties in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) you must sign and return the Student Directory Information Opt-Out Form located in the back of the Student Handbook within ten (10) days of the receipt of this form. If we receive no response by that date, we will disclose student directory information at our discretion and/or in compliance with law. Directory Information may include the following: Student’s name, address, telephone listing, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, e-mail address, photograph (including electronic version), weight and height of members of athletic teams, date and place of birth, honors and awards received, dates of attendance, grade level. NOTE:  If a student’s name, grade level, or photograph is to be withheld, the student will not be included in the school’s yearbook, program events, or other such publications.
Please answer the questions below concerning your residency. The information you provide is CONFIDENTIAL.The purpose of this information is to ensure the rights of your child and youth under the McKinney-Vento Law (42 US code 11431 and Title X under ESEA/NCLB). PLEASE SELECT ALL THAT APPLY:
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