Swimmer Profile 2020-2021
Please have your swimmer help answer these questions about them. They can choose to answer them all or only answer a few. The answers will be displayed social media along with a photo of your swimmer during the season. Each swimmer will have their profile displayed at some point between October and March.
Swimmer Name *
Age *
Family member names
Who is your role model
What is your favorite event
Clear selection
Favorite song to listen to when getting ready to swim a race
Favorite food
Favorite subject at school
Favorite Book
Favorite TV Show
Favorite Movie
Favorite memory
Hobbies outside of the water
Famous person you would like to meet
What do you want to be when you grow up
Future goals
If I could change one thing, what would it be
I will email a photo of my child to ilvydolphinssecretary@gmail.com for social media and the board in the hallway. **Please send a photo of only your child, it can be a candid photo and does not have to be from swimming** *
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