Syrup IC
Syrup is a gasket mounted forty percent keyboard, built with a fully isolated plate in a stacked acrylic case.

PCB and Layout
Syrup aims to be versatile. Coming in a choice of three colors and has the option of split space and split enter, Syrup can be customized to your liking. Arrow keys make a return to the forty percent layout on the right edge, with an OLED and rotary encoder found to the left providing versatility in a small form factor.

 Case and Mount
The PCB and plate are completely isolated from the outer case via the gasket mount design. 3mm plate foam acts as the bottom gasket between the PCB and top plate, with several smaller gaskets providing isolation from the top of the plate and the rest of the case. Both the plate and PCB also have flex cuts to distribute flex across the entire surface providing balanced feedback.

Three pieces of acrylic act as a riser and provide a 5 degree typing angle.
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Left Side: Knob and OLED
Right Side: Arrow Cluster
Exploded View
Desk View
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