Beyond the Rainbow: Supporting LGBTQ+ Students, Staff, and Exploring Intersectionality of Identity (LGBTQ+ 201) Presented by Phil McCormick!
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the various sexual orientations and gender identities that make up the LGBTQ+ community, with a focus on transgender, queer, intersex, and “plus” identities. Participants will also explore the concept and implications of social privilege and oppression. A large emphasis of the workshop will include moving beyond simply one's LGBTQ+ identity, and also examining Kimberle Crenshaw's concept of "intersectionality," which incorporates how one's various identities (race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) together affect their experience. Participants will access various LGBTQ+ educator resources, explore best practices for supporting LGBTQ+ students and staff, and will create actions plans to bring back to their schools and worksites.

*This workshop is meant for participants who already have basic foundational knowledge of the LGBTQ+ experience

.**This workshop is open to all educators, both teachers and educational support professionals, including counselors, social workers, librarians, nurses, secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance workers, as well as all other professionals working with staff and students.

When: Monday, December 10, 4- 6 pm (dinner following the session)
Where: Columbia High School Cafeteria

Pizza DInner will be served after the session!

You will earn 2 hours of Professional Development!

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