Fuse Leadership Council Application & Guidelines 2019
General Guidelines
- Council members must be a Chamber member in good standing
- Maximum committee size shall be 16 participants/no less than 12
- Council members will work closely with the Director on the program's development

- Council term is a minimum two-year commitment
- Council Chair will serve as:
* Chair-Elect (1 Year)
* Chair (1 Year)
* Past Chair (1 Year)

Level of Commitment
- Committee meets 12 times per program year
* Council members shall attend no less than 75% of Steering Committee meetings per year
* After 25% absence, a committee member becomes inactive
* Council members will participate in a once a year, half day planning session for the upcoming program year

- Meeting dates and times are announced by the Director
* Typically, they will be held on the second Tuesday of the month from 12:00-1:00 pm at the Chamber of Commerce

- Council members will participate on a minimum of one committee. These committees meet as-needed. (some as often as once a month) The Fuse Committees for 2019-2020 are:
* Events
* Social Media
* Volunteer Focus

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Applications are due by June 6th. Final acceptance decisions will be make by the current Council. You will be notified of the selection results by June 28th, 2019. I have read and agree to the guidelines as they are outlined in this document. By my signature, I commit to a two-year term on the Fuse Leadership Council, should my application be selected. *
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