Application: Programmer for the Center for Modern Rationality
We're looking for a programmer who can quickly prototype and modify small visual applications for various ad-hoc attempts at computer-based rationality training exercises. No advanced probability theory will be involved, but having a good intuitive grasp of very simple probability theory, e.g. knowing that a Gaussian distribution looks like is a bell curve, is a plus. You may be asked to visualize simple functions as part of your work. We may also ask you to do webwork like automating email questionnaires and so on. Your primary qualification is your ability to find and snap together existing libraries to build not-overly-complicated applications very quickly, without the result looking so ugly that our test subjects refuse to use it, or crashing in a way that destroys already-gathered data.
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Why do you want this job?
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Relevant programming experience
Tell us about things you've previously done which resemble this job. Bonus points if we can see the result somewhere. Additional bonus points if we can see source code.
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Bonus knowledge
(What do you know that might be relevant to your ability to write programs for rationality exercises? If you happen to know anything about probability theory, decision theory, or cognitive biases, or if you've read the Sequences on Less Wrong, note so here.)
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Are you willing to work for us during the just-starting-up phase when salaries are relatively low?
(This tells us whether we should contact you right away, or only after we get more funding.)
Other qualifications
Is there anything else in your entire life that's evidence about your ability to do this job? (Programming contests, or anything else cool that you've done.)
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