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Hey! I'm happy you're applying to join the Pursuit of Wellness Community! The landscape of health and wellness can be hard to navigate on your own. There are tons of different suggestions and tips regarding workouts, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness, goal setting- you name it- and it can be overwhelming to sift through. Together we can work toward your personal goals whether it's to lose weight, become stronger, eat healthier, or manage stress among several others. I am here to offer a plan designed just for you plus tons of encouragement, guidance, and accountability. On top of that you'll be joining a group of people who are also working towards their own health and wellness goals that will offer tons of support, encouragement, and accountability as well!

You 100% deserve it!
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It can be really unnerving to hire a coach. I know I was super nervous about it when I hired mine, but I can tell you was SO worth it and I'm so happy that I took the chance on investing in myself and my health and wellness. Are you ready to begin your own pursuit of wellness? It's 100% worth it and you 100% deserve it! *Prices depend on individual needs*
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