Petition to Create an Accessible Asian American Center through the Relocation of Asian American Identity Based Housing
Dear Dean McMahon and Residential Life,

The Asian American Center was founded in 1983 after an incident of blatant intentional racism. With pressure from the Asian American community and allies, the University recognized the need for an Asian American support community in the form of a Center and allocated office space in Start House, a residential facility, out of which it could be run.

Start House remains locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week because a significant portion of the space exists as a student residence. In fact, only the Center director’s office space – one room – is designated as Center space.

We present this petition as students and community members who have recognized the reputation of our Center in its current form as being inaccessible and unwelcoming, not only to the community it was set up to serve, but to all who want to visit, including faculty, staff and visitors. As long as Start House serves the dual purpose of being a residential hall and a Center, the Center will remain inaccessible, and cannot provide an open or welcoming space for community building.

Our demands are as follows:

View the full text of our demands:

1. The six-resident identity-based housing must be moved out of Start House and relocated.

A) As a community resource, the Asian American Center benefits from being in a central location on campus and must remain situated at 17 Latin Way.

B) A locked door makes the Center inaccessible to the larger Tufts community, and must therefore be unlocked.

C) The inaccessibility of the Center will not be solved by building a new door separating the residence from the Center space.

D) There is minimal interest in Asian American identity-based housing at the Start House location.

E) Asian American Identity-Based Housing must be maintained and relocated.

2. The Center must be expanded beyond one room (the director’s office) in Start House.

A) Currently, the only officially designated space for the Asian American Center is the director's office.

B) We cannot currently meet the needs of our growing community.

C) We envision the Center to be a welcoming community space, used by and accessible to students, as it was intended to be. The additional space could be used for the following:

- A quiet study area;
- A social space or lounge where students of different class, years, and majors could build relationships;
- Meeting spaces where Asian American related courses could be taught;
- Office spaces for the director, staff, and interns;
- A conference room where clubs, workshops, and discussion groups could meet;
- Creative space for students to collaborate on art and media projects or creative writing workshops;
- An Asian American library available to the community.

3. Tufts University must hear and abide by the demands of marginalized students in their fight to gain spaces to build community on campus.

Our demands are reasonable and reflect the longstanding needs of a large and growing community of Asian and Asian American students, alumni, faculty, and others, who benefit from the educational programming that should take place in the Center instead of being scattered across campus in substitute spaces. We demand that the space that was promised to our community over thirty years ago be finally realized. We are more than ready to build community, explore identities, and have meaningful social and educational gatherings in our Center.

Awaiting Your Action,

Shannon Lee, Class of 2020; TCU Diversity & Community Affairs Officer
Ana Sofía Amieva-Wang, Class of 2019; Asian American Center Student Intern
Charlie Zhen, Class of 2019; TCU Asian American Community Senator, AA House Resident
Belinda Xian, 2018; Former AA Peer Leader, AAC Intern, member of TASC, member/former Co-President of CSA
Annika Han, Class of 2020
Hannah Park, Class of 2020
Nihaarika Sharma, Class of 2018
Thao Ho, Class of 2020; Asian American Peer Leader, Secretary of VSC, intern at Center
Priya Vaishampayan, Class of 2018
Kira Lauring, Class of 2020
Amy Bu, Class of 2017
Annie Nguyen, Class of 2019
Tiffany Wu, 2021; CSA Member
Morgan McKiernan, Class of 2019
Alexandra Lee, Class of 2020; Chinese Students Association
Celeste Teng, Class of 2019; Tufts Asian Student Coalition; Singapore Students Association
Leanna Pham, 2018; TASC Co-President, VSC Member
Gabrielle Munoz, Class of 2019
Natasha Mayor, 2020; Asian American Center Peer Leader
Danielle Burton, Arts and Sciences 2018
Anna Kimura, 2018; Japanese Culture Club
Patricia Mei Nagaoka Toyotoshi, 2021
Jennifer Kim '20
Emma Ishida, 2020; Japanese Culture Club secretary
John Fernandez, 2020
Libby DesRuisseaux, 2018
Maxine Bell 2021; Club member
Benya Kraus, 2018; TCU President
Sivi Satchithanandan 2019
Sophie Pearlman 2018
Mateo Gomez, '21; TCU 2021 Senator
Joseph Tsuboi, 2018; Tufts Asian Student Coalition, Japanese Culture Club
Lucy Fan
Thao Pham, 2020; Member of VSC and TASC
Elana DeSantis 2019
Jane Litvin, Class of 2021
Sarah Tessler 2020; Vice President of Campus Relations, Hillel
Shirley Wang, 2018; Former AAC Peer Leader
Anne Lau
Anna Kim 2020; AAC intern/peer leader
Adrian Molina, 2018
Anna Kasagawa, 2018 ; Japanese Culture Club
Sharmitha Yerneni, 2020; Asian American Center Peer Leader
Jesus Ramirez, 2020
Haruka Noishiki, 2021; JCC E-board, I-Club E-board
Hanh Nguyen, 2018
Grant Sisson, 2018
Joshua Cohen, 2019
Lily Zhang, Class of 2021
Esther Tzau, 2021
Jessica Newman, 2020
Ania Ruiz, 2018
Jonathan Yao 2020
Shyun Ahn, class of 2018
Alejandra king 2020
Amanda Yuan, 2021; CSA
Anna Deck, 2020
Sharif Hamidi, A’21; TCU Senator
Anna Del Castillo 2018; Vice President of TCU Senate
Visnavy Vickneswaran, 2020; Asian American Center Intern and Peer Leader
Emily Sim, TCU Treasurer and Class of 2019 Senator
Owen Cheung ‘20
Sajani Clerk 2020
Maxwell Cooper, 2019; JumboLife CEO
Brianna Pastro, ASE 2018
Lucia Francese, 2019
Jacqueline Chen, Class of 2019; TCU Senate Historian
Anna Lei c/o 2017; Start House resident of ‘15-16. TASC ‘13-17
Shunta Muto, Class of 2018; Tufts Japanese Culture Club Executive Board Member
Daniel Thomson
Hannah Stowe, 2019
Zoe Leaf 2020
Jonathan Hosea, 2020
Yoji Watanabe
Sam Slate, 2018
Madeline Oliff, 2020
Jessie Lan, 2021; Asian American Center Student Intern
Allie Dawson, 2018; President of Major: Undecided Sketch Comedy
Shai Slotky, A17
Kathy Nguyen, 2018
Megan Mooney 2018
Kaili Chen, 2020
Madeleine Duke, 2019
Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, Class of 2018
Winston Tan
Harper Hopkins, 2019
Chris Leaverton, 2019; Former TCU Treasurer and Senator
Matthew Kennedy, 2019
Elise Sommers, 2019; Students for Justice in Palestine, Crafts House
Carissa Adiwidjaja, 2021
Jaclyn Tsiang 2020
Allison Qiang '19
Grace Fagan, 2021
Katherine Ochoa Castillo, 2019
Hakeem Adeyemi
Sasha Raveendran Greene, 2019; Member of South Asian Political Action Committee (SAPAC) and Association for Multiracial Students at Tufts (AMPT)
Matthew Kim 2021
Nicholas Fiorita 2021
Nick Camp, 2020
Eleanor Shi, Class of 2021
Patrick B, 2021
Grant Gebetsberger, Class of 2021; TCU Freshman Senator
Sonya Bhatia, 2021
Nathan Foster 2018
David Zhao, 2021
Sahana Callahan, Class of 2021
Alejandro Baez, 2021
Madeline Lee, 2019
Victoria Tran, 2021; VSC Club member, JumboRaas team member
Jan Lui, 2021
Hyun Seok Lee, 2021
Anthony Ong, 2018
Emily Chu 2020
Michelle Meyer, Class of 2020
Thomas Chang-Davidson, 2021
Elizabeth Bishop, 2018
Finn McGarghan 2020
Angela Sun, A’20; TCU Senate Trustee Representative, AAC Peer Leader
Shelley Kwok, 2019; 2016-2017 Peer Leader
Alan Chen, 2020; JCC* E-board Member, HKSA Gen Board Member, PAC Representative
Tristan Spratt 2021
Emma Phillips, 2019; TCU Senator, Class of 2019
Olivia Holmes 2020
Iris Oliver, class of 2019; SAPAC E-board Member, former Asian American Center Peer Leader
Elizabeth Dossett, 2019
Emma Tombaugh 2021
April Weintraub, 2020
Dennis Kim 2018; Korean Student Association Community Outreach
Natasha Khwaja, A'18; South Asian Political Action Committee (SAPAC)
Alice Yoon, 2020
Carolyn Nguyen, 2021
Akshita Rao, 2021
Meha Elhence, 2020
Insiya Naim, 2021
Julia Zubiago, Class of 2018
Andres Almanza, 2020; Latino Center Intern
Mert Erden
Claire Freeman, 2020
Kristina Chu 2019; Past Asian American Peer Leader
Lien Pham 2020
Margo Bender, Class of 2018
Rikka Shrestha '2021
Abigail Beech, 2020
Kaitlynn Hong 2020 ; Member of HKSA
Anne Hall, 2019; First Gen Council President
Zane Cassum, 2020; AMPT E-board member
Mrugank Bhusari, 2021
Elizabeth Cohn, 2021
Kristen Moran, 2020; Trustee Representative
Alison Bogy, 2020
Zachary Hertz, 2019; Former AAC Peer Leader
Faryal Jafri, 2018; Former TCU Asian American Representative
Isabella Spaulding, 2020
Mia Lambert, 2019
Koko Li, 018
Plearn Aroonchote, 2021; TSA E-board, TASC
Fatima Ajose, 2018; Africana Community Senator
Mandip Pokharel
Madeleine Schwartz, 2020
Eileen Liu, 2020
Sarah Park
Shreya Marathe, Class of 2019
Ryan Lee, 2020
Francesca Kamio, 2018; Member of Tufts Japanese Culture Club
Ashlee Simmons, 2020; Black Student Union In-house Representative
Austin Kane; AMPT!
Daniel Friedman, Alumnus '17
Sean Ong, 2020; Vice-President, Singapore Students Association
Ruth Castillo, 2020 Grad Student
Moira Loh 2019
Jasmine Falk, Class of 2020; Asian American Peer Leader, Treasurer of CSA
Abigail Raymond, 2021
Lily Blumkin, 2018
Liren Fu, Class of 2018; SSA
Brian Smith, 2017
Shaivi Herur, 2021
Rachel Rubinstein, Class of 2017
Tara Williams 2021
Bridget Moynihan, 2021
Tenzin Chokki, Class of 2018
Phyllis Njoroge, 2019
Eriko Koide 2019; Jcc* member
Russell Gens, 2018
Andrea Vorametsanti, 2020; Asian American Peer Leader, AA House Resident
Erin Berja, Class of 2020
Natalie Hwang, 2020; Asian American House Resident
Maureen Kalimba Isimbi, Class of 2020; International Community Senator
Michelle Kwon, 2020; Korean Student Association (KSA), Peer Group Leader
Jordyn Rocca, 2020
Tien Hoang, 2020; AAC Intern, VSC Member
Jasmin Arculli, 2021
Owen Morrissey, Class of 2021
Najma Jama, Class of 2021
Wilson Wong, Class of 2019
Janith Kulatunge, Class of 2018; SSA
Gill Eun Kang; KSA
Gabriel Ukegbu, Class of 2021
Chris Anderson, Class of 2018
Fannie Sheinman, Class of 2020
Sayak Chatterjee, Class of 2018
Samantha Regan, Class of 2018
Jennifer Yu, Class of 2018
Gabrielle Stryker, 2021
Kristen Mathew, Class of 2021
Zhamilya Nazyrbayeva, 2020
Janny Huang, 2021
Saki Kitadai, Class of 2017
Rita Wang, 2017; Former TAST E-board
Katrina Dimalanta, 2021
Benjamin Lee, 2021
Titapa Chaiyakiturajai, 2021
Susie Ting, 2019
Clair Li, 2017; Asian American House Resident
Rebeca Becdach, 2021; TCU Freshman Senator
Megan Yung, 2019; Co-president of CSA, former AAC PL
Erin Hsu; Former AAC PL, VP of TAST
Owen Searls, 2018
Martina Tan, 2021
Chae Chun, 2020; Host Advisor for Global Orientation, KSA Gen Board Member
Colette Midulla, 2018
Sean Harvill, 2018
Joanne Jeong, Class of 2021; KSA
Chae Eun Dana Lee, 2021
Lorenzo Lau, ‘18
Hans Reuter, 2018
Kathleen Lanzilla 2021
Sophie Lee, 2020; HKSA PAC Rep, SSA Member
Jun Pak, 2021
Justin Koo, 2020; KSA Culture Chair of KSA. Advisor Of KSA BBBS
YooJin Yoon, Class of 2019; PCP VP, FYA, K2C
Xiyu Zhao; President of Global China Connection; Member of CSA and KSA
Allison King, 2021
Christina Askew, 2021
Stacy Chen, 2021
Lauren Kim, Class of 2019; Past Asian American Center Peer Leader
Ashlynna Ng, Class of 2018
Nayoung Kim, 2020; KSA
Emily Kim, 2021; KSA
Celia Bottger, 2020
Morgan Choi, 2020; KSA
Martin Gao, 2020
Sithya Lach, 2021
Nadia Sbuttoni 2021
Caity Enroth, 2021
Caitlin Deschner, 2021
Felix Ma 2020; JCC* E-Board
Kevin Bae 2020; KSA
Amanda Bank, 2021
Michelle Waslick, 2020
Aminata Dieng, 2021
Mary Reynolds, 2021
Gerui Wang 2020
Basile Moreau, 2020
Derick Yang, 2018
Owen Finnegan, 2020
Ashley Shen, 2017; former TASC, CSA E-board, Women's Center PL
Emily Ng, 2019; TASC Member
Ann-Marie Lee, 2020; Co-President of COFFEE Interfaith & Social Justice Student Coalition
Emily Bisaga, 2021
Gauri Seth, A17; Former TCU President
Chuan Ting Toh, 2019 Singapore Students Association
Zoe Lober, 2020
Linda Cameron, 2019
Jia Wen Goh, 2020; President, Singapore Students Association
Zhujing Wang; CSA coprez
Ryan Tannady, 2020; SSA E-Board
Priya Misner, 2020; AMPT
Nikhil Srinivasan, 2020
Kyoungduk (Eric) Park, 2020
Sean Lee, 2019; Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha
Hayley Long, 2019; AA House Resident
Sylvia R. Ofoma, A'17; Former TCU Senator, Africana Center/SQUAD Peer Leader, Founding Member of Filipino Student Union at Tufts
Elizabeth Vogt, 2021
Kari McNeil, 2018; Co-President of Active Minds
Jae Yeun Kim, 2019, former AAC PL
Claudia Gibson, 2020
Noah Weinflash, 2019
Helen Chwe, 2021
Ella Brady, 2020
Pat Mahaney 2019; Rez employee
Alexandria Hayman, 2019; Former re-recognition chair of the TCU Judiciary
James Boehme, 2021
Mitch Choi 2021; KSA member
Tomo Iwasaki, 2019
Maame Opare-Addo, 2021
Thu Cao, 2020; AAC Intern and Peer Leader, VSC Community Outreach Chair
Aviva Kardener, 2018
Jukurious Davis '18
Brian Leung, 2018; Tufts China Care E-board
Anissa Waterhouse , 2017
Christina Lee, 2018
Grace Kim, 2019
Elizabeth Bice, 2020; TKD E-board
Melissa Baptista, 2018
Nicole Joseph, 2018 TLC, Crafts House/Center, former AAPL, SJP, student worker
Mayu Kawahara, 2021
Christine Lee, 2021
Laurel Howell 2019
Arman Smigielski, 2018; Executive Opinion Editor, Tufts Daily
Kerry Benjamin, 2019
Roberto Breitman, 2020
Antonio Bertolino, 2019; International Club E-Board, Host Advisor for Global Orientation
Hannah Feldman, 2018
Allison McGuirk, 2019
Jonah Feldman, 2019
Stana Luedtke 2020
Mauri Trimmer, 2020
James Latimer, 2017
Natalie Perlov, 2020
Zay Smolar, 2019
Elena Chavez, 2021
Kyle Lui, 2019
Haleigh Copley, 2019; JCC* member
Angelina Zurzolo, 2018; Staff member of Mixed Peer Leader (MPL) program, Latino Peer Leader, member of AMPT
Charlotte Eccles, 2020
TJ Robins, 2020
Amanda Chin, 2021
Samantha Leong, 2020
Abel Sandoval, Grad
Caro Fett, 2020
Grace McEnery, 2020
Léon Taquet, 2018
Lydia Collins, 2018
Philip Wang, 2019
Eva Baranes, 2021
Ethan Tu, 2021; KSA member, TAST member
Jenna Fromer, 2021
Akira Caruth, 2020
Ashley Miller, 2018
Abby Mandel, 2018
Jeremy Caldwell, 2019; Tour Guide Coordinator
Melanie Chien 2021
Alex True, 2019
Carissa Fleury, 2018; Managing Editor of the Tufts Observer, LGBT Center Intern
Sara Arman, 2019
Yoko Sano J84; VP, Asian Students Club; Manager, Asian House; Search Committee Student Leader for Asian American Center Director
Todd S. McFadden; Former director of Capen House (Africana Center)
Ben Kesslen, 2018
Naoki Okada, 2021
Kevin Kim 2019; VSC Member
Hiroto Watanabe, 2019; JCC* Co-President
Jackson Mihm, 2020
Chris Gregory, 2018
Rory Buckman, 2019
Sam Little 2019
Taylor Wurts, 2020
Ashwini Shankar, 2021
Celine Chan, 2020
Joe Berrafati, 2021
Nathalie Lubin; Alum A'05
Jheanelle Owens, 2021
Chandni Sanariya, 2012
Nazifa Sarawat 2017; Alumna
Katy Lee, 2018; Former AAC PL, Former Asian American House resident
Colin Raposo, 2019
Annie Weng, 2021
Kenneth Meyerson, 2020
Zach Sebek, 2020; JCC* Co-treasurer
John Greenberg, 2018
Frederick Tanner, 2021
Grainne Griffiths, 2014
Sonia Bourdaghs, 2018
April Tang, 2014; Former PL, Center student worker
Sarah Mackin, 2021
Xuanjiang Liu, 2021
Vivian Tam, 2018; TASC, News Editor Tufts Observer, Former AA Peer Leader, Former AAC Intern
Sidney Tanioka, 2020
Elisa Sturkie, 2020
Brennan Corriston, 2017
Hein Win Aung, Class of 2019
Jonah Vogel, 2020
Josephine Ong, 2017; UCLA Asian American Studies MA Student, Former TASC Member
Gabriella Bova, 2018
Silvia Curry, 2020
Paul Henjes, 2020
Nancy Wang, Parent
Grace Talusan '94; former AAC Peer Leader
Quinn Pham, 2021
CW Ryan Tam, 2019; SMFA Combined-Degree
Karen Ha, 2019
Vivian Zhong, 2018; Former AAC Peer Leader, CSA Member
Anh Phung, 2018
Sara Goldstein-Weiss, Class of 2018
Elie Levine, 2020
Raimy Shin, 2018; I-Club Vice President, former member of Pan Asian Council and Thai Students’ Association
Jei-Jei Tan, 2017; Former SSA E-board
Grace Materne, 2020
Amanda Ho, 2017
Deirdre Judge, GSAS 2018
Connor Akiyama, 2021
Jamie Neikrie, 2018; TCU Senate, Chair of the Administration and Policy Committee
Jordan Kemp, 2018; TCU Senator, VP of Society of Physics Students
Sophie Gelber, 2020
Madison Dall, 2020
Catherine Shanahan, 2020
Alexa Weinstein, 2020
Shoshana Goldman, 2020
Tess Ross-Callahan, 2018
Carla Giannattasio, 2020
Si Kun Wang, 2021; CSA
Jason Getzler, 2021
Jacob Stavis, 2021
Samuel Kratzer, Class of 2019
Kiley Pratt, 2019
Zoe Schoen, 2019
Max Battle, 2019
Caleb Symons, 2020
Amy Vasquez, 2018
Beverly Reyes, 2021
Issariya Manakongtreecheep, 2019
Jacqueline Nguyen, 2021
Annie Phan, 2020
Brandon Lee, 2012
Costa Razis, 2021
Logan Mouton, 2021; Common Africana House visitor
Tiamike Dudley, 2021
Brian Sanchez, 2021
Ethan Oliver 2021
Israel Robinson
Erick Martinez, 2021
Joe Hyatt, 2021
Sophie Fox, 2021
Kimmee Dao, 2021; La Salsa, SOLES
Brendan Ryan, 2021
Channah Powell, 2021
Richard Kaufman, 2021
Gianna DeAngellis, 2021
Julian Balkcom, 2021
Julia Greco, 2021
Susan Chinsen, 1998
Sean Ha, 1991; Former VSC President
Aliguma Young, J’98; Tufts Alumni Council
Isabel Fernandez, 2021
Gloria Revanche, 2017
Quynh Tran, J'91
Khanh Nguyen, 2021
Joseph Xiong, Class of 2021
Pawan Dhingra, faculty
Helen Marrow, faculty
Yeujin Kong, 2018; KSA
Zhixuan Yu, 2021
Lan Pham, 1991; VSC Vice President, Start House resident
Emi Komatsu, 2015; Former Japanese Culture Club President
Shreya Bhatia, Class of 2017
Carol Wan, 1998
Linh Phan 2006
Shreya Seepersaud, 2021
Andrea Chavez, 2021
Annie Bricker, 2019
Murshea Tuor, 2021
Kelsey Narvaez, Class of 2020
Jennifer Ihedioha, 2020
Samuel Ding, 2020; VP CSA
Michael Truong, 2020
Keelin Watters, 2020
Julia Silverman, 2021
Made Bacchus, 2018
Dan Carlston, 2020; VSC Member
Ryan Luu, 2020; AAC Peer Leader, CSA Treasurer
Rachel Klein, 2020
Thomas Chan, 2020
Lawrence Chan, 2020
Jennifer Leung, 2019; Former AA House Resident
Joie Ning, THHS 2020
Samaya Hasberry, 2020
Christine Jahn, 2020
Courtney Zang, 2021
Stephanie Yin, 2017; Peer Leader Program Advisor, CSA
Mar Freeman, 2019
Jessica Wang, 2020
Heresa Laforce, 2020
Matthew Cassar, 2019
Alyssa Rivas, Class of '17
Elise Gan, 2019
Mia Ellis, 2018
Jayanth Dabbi, 2019; CDA
Hezekiah Branch, 2021; Member of ASO, CSO, Student Employee
Jacob Hangen, 2020
Deborah Mayo, 2019
Alex Cherry, 2018; Arts Haus Manager
Mary Snyder, 2017
Jack Cramer, 2017
Eli West, 2019
Alex Lenail, 2016
Nathan Allen, 2019
Ziggy Storella, 2019
Uche Egonu, 2019
Emma Brin, 2019
Deepanshu Utkarsh, 2020
Kathryn Jason, 2019
Eva Kahan, 2019
Sharon Wang, 2019
Justin Jo, 2018
Janna Sokolow, 2020
Elsa Ubel, 2020
Martin Rodriguez Nunez, 2019; Tufts Quest Scholars Network
McKinzey Torrance, 2019
Jack Ronan, 2018
Ray Bernoff, 2018
Vera Guttenberger, 2019
Nate Krinsky, 2019
Kellie Chin, 2018
Kenneth Li, 2018
Deanna Baris, 2018
Mia Kazman, 2018; House Manager for the Spanish House (Chandler House)
Justine Chung, 2020
Tracy Chung, J'93
Alexander Osborne, 2018; JCC E-Board member
Grace Shank, 2018
Dana Sternthal, 2019
Miranda Willson, 2017
Anni Mudick, 2019
Liora Silkes, 2019
Sam Weitzman, 2018
Jenna Kubiak, 2018
Vivian Kim, 2021
Justine Marie Aquino, 2019; Former AAPL
Haebin Ra, 2020
Sofie Hecht, 2018
Shahjada (Prince) Islam, 2020; President-Elect of 1st Generation College Student Council
Nina Joung, 2018; member of Tufts Daily Intentionality & Inclusivity committee
Miriam Weiss, 2019; Japanese Culture Club Co-President
Karen Weng, 2020
Lillian Hua
Michael Kiang, 2020
Katherine Cheairs, J 1998
Barton Liang, E16/EG17
Jian Xiong Lim, 2017
Amanda Greaves, 2014
MJ Griego, Class of 2019
Dan Pechi, 2019
Amrutha Chintalapudi 2019
Camille Carlisle, 2019; Association of Multiracial People
Fay Lee, Parent
Sophia Martin, 2019
Si Chen, 2020
Matthew S. Park, 2019
Natalie Kim, 2019
Kevin Kunwoo Lee, 2019; Korean Student Association (KSA) Vice President
Dustin Yoon, 2019; Korean Student Association Executive Board Member
Harrison Kim, '15; Former AA House Manager, AAPL, AAA, KSA President
Pete Shungu, 2003
Corey Snider, 2018; ASCE President
Trung Nguyen, 2006
Emma Coltoff, 2017
Benard Ngaruiya, 2020
Shira Shkedi, 2020
Fina Short, 2018
Alex Ray, 2017
Nikhil Nandagopal, 2019
Abha Gallewale, 2013
Joytika Bhargo, 2018
Anne-Marie Vu 2015
Avneet Soin, 2017; Former Start House Resident
Minnie Chen, 2017
Terence Tran, 2012
Camille-Louise Mbayo, 2018
Mario Delgado; UIJ E-board

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