Colston's Cooperative Academy Primary School Cotham Grove Playground and Lunchtime Questionnaire
How can we improve outside areas and lunchtime experiences for our children at Colston's School, Cotham Grove? What do you think we can do to make things better? Please tell us what you think of the ideas below which have been gathered from staff, parents and children over the last term. If you have suggestions of your own, please write in the box provided.

Please Note
We only have £8,000 to spend this year so we have to prioritise. Tell us what you think we should do first. The Nitty Gritty questions are at the bottom.

This questionnaire has been created by the Cooperative Playground Working Group, parents, school staff, and community working together. Thank you to the PTAF for all your fundraising efforts and for pledging £5,000 for the playground.

Would you like to see more exercise, and balancing equipment?
Redwood climbing & balancing area using redwood roots as natural feature
Somersault equipment?
Monkey bars for smaller children?
balancing bars?
Do you think it would be good to have a designated craft/ small world play area?
Cooperative lego towers or solo work of art
Should we create a fenced off area at the top of the playground where ball games can be played without disturbing other games?
something a bit like this?
Should the children have an area to dig or a mud kitchen or a sand play area?
mud kitchen area
Would you support the development of a forest school area and woodcraft/ forest school activities? (such as making fires, making a pizza oven, carving, campfire songs and nature games?
Forest School
Greening and Growing. Would you like to see any of the following?
High priority
Sounds okay
not that bothered
More opportunities for planting and growing
Make our playgrounds wildlife friendly
Lunchtime Gardening club
Butterfly and bee habitat
Bird & bat boxes
Grass areas
Growing food is fun!
Which of the following do you think would be beneficial/ would you like to see at school?
High priority
Sounds okay
Not that bothered
Den building
A tree house
Bouncy castle
Playground games like hopscotch
Clearly marked running route around site
Table tennis
Card games
Chalk drawing (wall or playground)
Real play objects
Organised sports, games and activities during lunchtimes
Group skipping games
Keep animals like chickens or rabbits
Do you think there should be some more covered areas?
High priority
Sounds okay
Not that bothered
covered area for craft/ lego/ small world play, quiet activities
Wooden shelters with benches in
small covered areas for privacy/ social play
Yurt / portable covered areas
Area for quiet reading
Proposed covered area at the top of the big playground
Would you like there to be a creative arts area at lunchtime where children could go to work on art projects?
Can you spare any time to volunteer during lunchtimes?
Sorry not at present
Every day for a week
I could help once or twice a week
I could help one lunchtime every two weeks
I could help once a month
I can offer advice, contacts or help
Please put me on the volunteer database
I would like to help with the play pod and outside play
I would like to help with a weekly lunchtime art club
I would like to help with a gardening club
I would like to help with the lego/ small world corner
I am happy to be on the volunteer database
I can lead sport, games, circus skills, skipping activties, or other structured activities
I can help organise the volunteer rota & help with database
I can help look after animals
I can help with building / infrastructure work
I can help fundraise
Interested in helping set up/ run forest school sessions
Which projects should we work on first? Please rate the following, thank you
We currently only have £8,000 so we have to prioritise and work in phases. Some things will cost lots and other things will be inexpensive. What do you think we should focus on first?
1. Work on this first
2. As soon as possible
3. Important but can wait
4. Low priority
Develop Forest School area
More organised activities at lunchtimes
designated craft/ small world play area
Table tennis, chalk drawing and card games
Fence off football / astroturf
More growing and gardening encouraging wildlife
Transform Big Red area
Create designated mud kitchen and digging areas
Do you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Please write below
Your answer
If you can volunteer please leave us your name and contact details and tell us your skills and interests. Thank you!
Your answer
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