Helios Makerspace Event Creation Form
Thank you for offering your expertise to host a Helios Makerspace event! The following questions are designed to help us prepare and market your event. If you have any questions, please contact events@heliosmakerspace.ca.
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Suggested Event Dates/Times
What will attendees be making or going home with?
This includes any skills, objects or techniques they might make or learn.
Who is the intended audience?
Is there any required skills or knowledge? Should the attendees prepare anything beforehand? Is there an age range for participants?
How many participants can you accommodate?
The minimum / maximum number of people you'd like to participate in your event.
What is the price of materials?
If you need to purchase materials for the event, how much will it cost (per person)? We will integrate this cost into the ticket prices. This can be approximate for now.
What do you suggest for ticket prices?
If you have an idea of the going rate for such classes this will help us determine how to price the event.
How early before the event should we stop ticket sales?
If you need time to buy materials and prepare for the attendees, we suggest a time limit on ticket sales so you can accommodate.
Upload a photo that we can use for your event. Usually, this is a picture of some of your own work, or an example of what the audience will be making. *
Can you provide an event description for our promotional material? *
Please include a description of your event (between 3-5 lines long). You may want to tell participants what skills/techniques will be covered in the workshop.
Can you provide a short bio for the instructor? *
Describe your skills, key achievements, some examples of past events you've hosted, or whatever else you feel is relevant for participants. (2-3 sentences)
Do we need to have any special accommodations?
This includes tables, chairs, projectors and the like. Anything that you need to make your event go smoothly!
What is your preferred communication language?
In what language will you host the event *
A bilingual event can reach a broader audience, but some courses risk dragging if every instruction needs translating.
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A phone number so we can reach you on the day in case of urgent matters.
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