Lyric Popcorn Posse Application
We're looking for volunteers to help us scoop popcorn at the Lyric while we at our temporary location at the Masonic Temple. We've dubbed these volunteers the Popcorn Posse!

A volunteer's responsibilities includes:

1) Showing up a half hour before the movie starts (40 minutes if it's your first time!)
2) Helping to scoop popcorn, hand out other concession items, and sweep up before the movie starts
3) Helping to sweep up after the movie is over and help scoop corn before the next movie begins.

In exchange for roughly 45 minutes of your time, you'll get to watch the movie you're helping out with for free, plus you'll get another free ticket to use while we are the Temple location. You can save this for another movie some other time, use it to see a double feature that night, or have a friend join you to watch the movie you're helping out with.

PLUS, if you volunteer for us ten times, we'll hook you up with a free Lyric T-Shirt!

Once you sign up for the Popcorn Posse, we'll add you to a mailing list, and every week when we put together our showtimes for the following week, we'll send out an email with the times we need people and asking for people for those specific shifts. The first people to get back to us will be given the shifts.

We're looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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