Modular Art Pods @ Queen Ave - Application
Modular Art Pods (MAPs) is an open-source collaborative art tunnel that you crawl through. MAPs @ Queen Ave is produced and curated by Tyler Blankenship and Tyler Walker. The original MAPs was conceived and produced by Tony Youngblood. Each artist designs a pod and builds it. Attendees can experience the tunnel by going through the pods or walking the perimeter.  Anyone can enjoy Modular Art Pods no matter their age or accessibility needs. Some large pods are wheelchair accessible. Smaller “crawl” pods can also be experienced through an accessible “backlot tour,” featuring peepholes, behind-the-scenes views, and inside/outside interactivity.

If you are seeking to perform with another pod instead of building, please select "Perform in a Performance Pod" below

Applications must be submitted between July 18th and August 25, 2016. You may continue editing your responses until August 25th. We recommend copy/pasting your responses and saving them in a Word document for backup. Once you submit, Google Forms will provide you with a link. SAVE THIS LINK or you will not be able to edit your responses.

Applicants will be notified in the last week of August. A formal announcement will be made on September 1st.

MAPs will take place at Queen Ave, November 11th to November 12th, 2016, 6-10pm each day. Saturday will be a part of the East Side Art Stumble.

Artists are responsible for delivering their pod to/from Queen Ave. Pod installation happens on November 5th and 6th . Pods will remain on-site from November 11th to 12th. Pod removal happens on November 13th.

Before submitting an application, please read the Pod Rules ( and the Pod Building Guides (

You may submit multiple ideas. Please fill out a separate application for each idea.

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