ECAWA 2018 State Conference Presentation and Presenter Details
The ECAWA 2018 State Conference will be held at ECU Mount Lawley Campus on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of June, 2018 - during the second term for WA schools.

It is anticipated that most of the presentations will be either 45 minutes or 90 minutes in length

The information supplied by presenters is used to arrange the Conference programme, promote the Conference and the various presentations, prepare material for attendees and prepare name tags, certificates, etc for Presenters, as well as communicate with Presenters, so please double check your submission for accuracy.

Please use a separate form for each presentation and for each Presenter.

If you have any questions please contact

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About the Presenter
First Name *
Last Name *
Title / Position
Institution / Organisation *
Telephone *
It is possible that we may need to contact you after school hours or during the conference. Please include your mobile number  if you have one.
Email *
 Please give both your school term email address and your weekend / holidays / personal email address so that we can make contact if it is necessary. The first email address you give will be used for your ticket coupon.
Your background *
Please include brief biographical notes in a form suitable for publication.
Affiliations *
Are you (or your co-presenter if applicable) employed by, sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with any group that is associated with this presentation? If so, please provide some information about this.
About the Presentation
Title of Presentation *
Type of Presentation *
Intended Audience *
What are the interests of your intended audience?
Abstract *
Please include approximately 100 - 250 words describing your presentation - in a form suitable for publication. This information is important to attendees as it assists them in selecting their personal programme.
Length of Presentation *
What do you regard as the best amount of time to allocate to this presentation?
Session Times and Availability
Please indicate all of the times at which you are available to make your presentation. - Please note that this is an indication of your availability only.
Friday - Day 1 *
I am available to present in
Saturday - Day 2 *
I am available to present in
Registration *
Have you already registered for the ECAWA 2018 State Conference?  Lead presenters from each presentation will be sent a coupon that can be used to cover the cost of their one day conference ticket.
Name of Co-Presenter *
If you have a co-presenter please name the person here, and ask them to complete a form that includes their own details, so that all presenters are appropriately  recognised. Please remember that only the lead presenter will be given a coupon to cover the cost of their conference 1 day ticket.
Equipment / Requirements for the Presentation *
Please indicate all the essential requirements.  Please note that you will need to bring your computing device / laptop plus a cable capable of connecting your device to the data projector.
Recording *
Are you willing to allow sound and video recording of your presentation for use via ECAWeb?
Social Media
Will you be discussing or promoting your presentation on social media? If so please note your Twitter name / Facebook name or other contact information that conference participants may use to follow the conversation.
Supporting Resources *
Supporting resources should be made available via the Conference website and should be emailed or sent via Dropbox or similar to by Monday  the 28th of May. Resources made available this way will be password protected, to limit access to conference participants. Access will become available to participants on the morning of the presentation unless the presenter requests a different arrangement.
Photocopying *
Photocopying and printing facilities are NOT available at the conference venue. - Do you require any notes or hand-outs to be printed before the conference? Please email a copy of your hand-outs to be printed to by Thursday the 31st of May. Handouts should also be made available via the Conference website, as discussed above
ECAWA Membership *
Please indicate your ECAWA Membership status.
Personal Requirements *
If you have any special dietary or access requirements please outline these so that we can plan accordingly.
Is there anything else that you need to tell the Conference team, or anything else you'd like to add?
Please send a recent, reasonably high resolution photograph of yourself to as soon as possible. Other photographs and screenshots that we may use to illustrate material promoting your presentation would be very welcome also.
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