Registration Form for RAD@home Discovery Camp & ODRAW at UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai
This is the registration Form for RAD@home Discovery Camp (RDC) from 11th to 17th June 2018 and/or One Day RAD@home Astronomy Workshop (ODRAW) (Likely on Thursday 14th June) at UM-DAE CEBS (Mumbai). This form is only for application procedure. You are encouraged to join the Facebook group ( ) and start learning RGB image analyses of galaxies. List of selected participants will be emailed to successful applicants and will be declared in Facebook page of RAD@home ( ). Please fill your details honestly. Govt. issued Photo ID (like Aadhaar card) is necessary for participation in the programme.
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Provide link to your Facebook profile. We encourage you to express your professional identity and interest in astronomy in your profile. This will be helpful for selection.
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Did you note that selected participants, both for the Camp and Workshop, will have to bring their own Laptop Computers with mobile Internet? If Laptop is incapable of accessing Internet, organizers can not provide laptop and camp/participation is impossible without Internet. *
Did you note that if an applicant is not selected for the camp or workshop, he/she can still attend public lectures on the ODRAW day? Subject to availability of seats on first come first serve basis. *
Please briefly mention about your exposure to astronomy or participation in astronomy courses or activities. This will be helpful in selection process. *
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