Week 16 of Laws of the Game quiz 2017-2018 - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
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1. A defender wants to kick the ball out of play, but it rebounds off the assistant referee who is positioned on the line. The ball has not wholly passed over the touchline. The attacker receives the ball and runs towards the goal. After he has entered the penalty area he is illegally fouled in a challenge for the ball. The attacker was in an obvious goal-scoring position. What does the referee decide? *
2. When is the whistle NOT needed? *
3. Up to five substitutes may be used during a game. The competition rules must state how many substitutes may be named, ... *
4. A player is in offside position. She receives the ball from a goal kick. She runs towards the goal and scores. What does the referee decide? *
5. A player tries to head-butt his opponent near the halfway line, but does not touch him. What does the referee decide? *
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