Ask a Cottage Witch
Imagine if Dear Abby had been witchy, what would you have asked her?
How to ward off the evil eye of a co worker? A spell to sever ties with an ex partner? Which herbs to add when kitchen witch'n for prosperity? How to use a pendulum? What your dream meant?

Welcome to "Ask a Cottage Witch", a monthly column in Natalie Ryan's Witchy Moms Magazine where readers can send their spiritual practice or witchy living questions for advice, suggestions, and tips.

Juliette is our cottage witch on the west coast of Canada receiving and answering your questions, you can find more about her at 

Due to volume and content, we can not guarantee every question will be answered, or will be responded to in the first following edition, but we try our best and you are welcome to submit again later.
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As inquiries are anonymous, please sign off with a relevant unique moniker such as, Confused Hedgewitch, Tired Herbalist, or Proud Pagan....
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By submitting my question to Witchy Moms Magazine, I agree to hold Natalie Ryan, Juliette Jarvis, and Witchy Moms entirely harmless and not liable for any consequences, results, injury, or undesirable events resulting from following or not following advice or suggestions given or not given in reply.
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The first edition became available November 2022

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