Mutual Aid Diabetes (MAD) Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in working with Mutual Aid DiabetesWe are a small but dedicated group of diabetics who volunteer our spare time to provide peer support to the most vulnerable among us. 

As of 2023, we have had to temporarily scale back our social media, podcast, and other nonessential work for a variety of reasons, including to make sure we could continue our most important supply sharing and peer support. In the meantime, we have been working to improve our internal processes, organization, and training methods, and hope to soon relaunch many of the initiatives that have fallen by the wayside. 

We are now onboarding new volunteers with a variety of skills on a rolling basis! If you have any questions about this application, or volunteering with us, please email them to (email also linked here.)

If you are looking for more information about what our group does and how MAD works, please check out our FAQsmedia appearances, or this informational instagram post
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The work we do is generally emotionally draining, often depressing, and at times heartbreaking. It's important our volunteers have a realistic idea about their individual time and capacity limits -- to prevent burn out. Do you feel like you have a good understanding of how to maintain adequate boundaries when doing community work like this? *
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We help anyone who asks for aid without even inquiring about things like political affiliation, but our group runs using leftist and anarchist ideology/organizing principles, so we might not be the right fit for everyone! You can read our Manifesto here
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