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Get paid to help run candidates for the people! Paid with Paypal or Venmo. Visit our website at to do more research. You can sign up to volunteer here too!  MUST PETITION EVERY WEEK for stipend. Opportunities: BY SIGNATURE $2 per legible valid signature and address if submitting more than 100 signatures with opportunity for more for high performers!  PETITION LEAD $20/hr must be at specific location at least 5 hrs per weekend- petition and assist volunteers.  CAMPUS PETITIONERS $18+/hr at university or community college RUSH HOURS. Signatures will be checked for accuracy. EMAIL: TEXT: 833-664-0565  Our petition site  DOWNLOAD PETITION HERE: DOWNLOAD IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS HERE: c

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Do you have experience with petitioning, canvasing or in person cold sales? If so please respond (if you do not, this does NOT preclude you from consideration AT ALL - we just want to know your experience for organizational purposes!)
Which position(s) are you interested in? Check all that apply: *
How many hours a week are you available to petition? (through May 13 - additional hours for canvassing may become available). *
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I understand that I must submit how many signatures I have collected per week even if I have not worked. *
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I understand that all addresses and printed names will be checked for legibility and accuracy and that I will be  compensated per LEGIBLE ADDRESS and printed name from the correct corresponding county to the county at the top of the page. *
I understand that while I can assist a person in writing their information, that signing for or forging a signature is punishable by law. I also understand that signatures found to be intentionally forged are potentially injurious to the petitioning party and payment for intentionally forged signatures will be forfeited. *
I understand that I CANNOT be compensated or paid for my own signature. I also understand that no qualified voter who signs can be compensated for their signature. *
FOR HOURLY STIPEND POSITIONS: I understand that, if assigned to one of the hourly stipend positions as "Petition Lead" and/or "Campus Petitioner" that: #1 All signatures under 16 signatures per hour while working are part of payment. #2 Signatures submitted by volunteer will not count towards your quota. #3 I will sign and submit a contract prior to working #4 I will submit my hours via toggl app  #5 That I must be able to work hours agreed upon based upon my schedule and the needs of the job and that these hours cannot change once assigned without contacting NCGP. *
PAYMENT PER SIGNATURE STIPEND: I understand that payment for signatures will not be given until 100 signatures are submitted. I am to submit all collected signatures weekly to a regional coordinator or, if a coordinator is unavailable in your area, mailed to NCGP Petition Drive, PO Box 6022 Cary, NC 27519  I must contact my coordinator prior to mailing signatures to be paid on time and mail via first class mail (will be refunded with payment. ) *
I understand that I MUST ASK EACH PERSON WHO IS ABOUT TO SIGN THE PETITION FORM:  'What county are you registered to vote in?" The person signing MUST sign a petition sheet which has their registration county written/printed at the top of the petition and that only signatures from the same county as the county written/printed at the top of the sheet will be counted or compensated for.  I understand that I must print and bring lots of spare petition sheets for this reason. B&W printing costs will be reimbursed. Photos of receipts will be accepted. Parking fees up to $12 will be reimbursed for shifts of four hours or more or per 100 signatures.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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