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We understand the effects COVID-19 has had on many industries, and our hearts are with all who are struggling to keep their doors open during this difficult time. Right now, we want to take a small step to help independent artists and organizations with their struggle. From July 2020 through July 2021, the Wood Theater will create a new page on our website to highlight local artists and provide a completely free ad space to introduce our patrons to your work. Please complete the following survey and we'll create your ad for you.

If you have any questions, please contact boxoffice@woodtheater.org

All appropriate submissions within the following criteria will be automatically accepted. Applicants must be within a one hour radius of Glens Falls, New York and provide a skill or service in the arts industry. While a number of categories are listed in the following form, the Wood Theater will use its judgement to accept applications from other sectors of the arts. The Wood Theater reserves the right to deny any application should we deem it inappropriate or not the right fit for our imitative to support artists.

There is no cutoff for application, and updates will be made to the website on a rolling basis.
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