AMCIS 2019 - MIS Mid-Career Camp
in addition to name and basic information, please fill in as many of the questions below as you are comfortable with. The purpose is to help us fine tune the session to meet the specific needs of those attending.

Event Timing: August 15, 2019 (7:15 a.m. to 12 a.m.)
Event Venue: Cancún International Convention Center
Feel free to contact us at
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Institution/School *
What is your average teaching load? (hours per week)
What courses do you teach?
What is the approximate balance of expectations regarding teaching, research and service at your institution? (write down three percentages, separated by commas. E.g. 33%,33%,33%)
Do you have any lessons you’ve already gained regarding work life balance? Briefly tell us about them.
Are there any issues regarding work, like balance, you’d like to explore in our discussions? Briefly mention them.
Have you learned, over time, any lessons regarding selecting service opportunities you’d like to share?
Are there any issues you face at present regarding service obligations? Tell us about them.
Have you formulated a plan for staying current in the field? Briefly tell us about your strategy.
Are there any particular concerns you have regarding staying current?
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