"T-groups for Everyday Leaders" and "T-groups for Women" application
"T-groups for Women" and "T-groups for Everyday Leaders" can help you improve your emotional intelligence, relationship and communication skills and group/team dynamics. We look forward to learning why you believe this weekend course can make a difference for you!
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Self-reflection is a core component of T-group learning. Your answers below do NOT need to be beautifully written – it’s not a writing contest. It’s simply to indicate you’ve thought about the questions, to generate self-awareness and clarify your intentions & hopes for the workshop. Reflection here will make your pre-workshop coaching call a snap and will support you in getting what you want out of the experience.

As long as your goals and responses seem to be well aligned with our course’s design, your application will be accepted in the order of deposits received. So, be complete, but don’t stress over having perfect answers. Just be authentic.
Why do you want to take this course? And, why now? (at least a paragraph) *
What's the desired impact on your "pre-workshop" vs. imagined "post-workshop" self? Please elaborate on 1-3 specific things you'd like to work on: *
Learning in a T-group is dependent upon a number of things, including:
- Active participation -- each member shows up fully present and engaged, as opposed to passively watching others interact and expecting to learn through observation.
- Experimentation -- taking risks to try something that is a bit outside of a member’s comfort zone, which includes the willingness to make mistakes.
- Openness -- to being vulnerable and sharing feelings, thoughts, feedback and reactions to other members and facilitators, and to what is (or what is not!) happening in the group.
- Curiosity -- about one’s own behavior and mental models, so as to receive feedback and learn about unintended impacts.
- Readiness -- being prepared to engage in learning which will sometimes challenge and stretch oneself mentally and emotionally. So, if current life circumstances are already stretching a person to the outer limits of their physical or emotional “bandwidth”, it may not be a good time to participate in an experiential T-group workshop.
How might you block your own learning or be challenged by the course format? (Knowing this will not eliminate you -- it will help you hit "reset" so you can stay engaged and return to a learning mindset. This also helps our pre-workshop coaching call.) *
* If you need more space, you may email additional answers to jana@tgroupsforwomen.com
ATTENDANCE -- I agree to attend all sessions in their entirety, which includes: Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 9:30am-9pm and Sunday 9:30am-7pm. I understand that missing the 1st session will result in forfeiture of my spot in the workshop. (Contact us now regarding any concerns) *
RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER APPLICANTS: Significant others, work partners, best friends or roommates should not engage in our T-Group workshop together. Do you have very close relationships with others applying to this same weekend? *
PARTICIPATION WAIVER: I acknowledge that if the facilitators determine my participation in the workshop has become disruptive to the group’s learning, I may be asked to leave the workshop. If this occurs, I agree to forfeit all money paid and will abide by the facilitator’s decision to end my participation. (Note: In 100+ T-groups experienced between the two of us, we have NEVER witnessed a participant being asked to leave a workshop. In the event that this very rare circumstance might occur, however, we feel a responsibility to include the disclaimer.) *
Although a T-group is not the same as group therapy, a T-group workshop can at times elicit strong emotions. You will also be asked to identify and express a range of feelings as a part of learning greater self-awareness, enhancing your emotional intelligence, and experimenting with a feelings-based feedback model.

As part of assessing your own readiness, and as a condition of participation, we are asking that you can affirm both of the questions below.

Please reach out for a confidential conversation if you have any questions about this.
I am willing and ready to participate in a weekend workshop which may include the following: receiving challenging feedback, taking risks to say things that may be unpopular, experiencing vulnerability, making mistakes, identifying and expressing my emotions. While the facilitators will be working to make this a "safe enough" space for learning and trying new things, I am also bringing sufficient emotional resilience and well-being to bounce back from aspects I may find uncomfortable or challenging. *
IF I'm in therapy, I have discussed with my therapist and have their full support in taking an intense experiential workshop at this time *
OPTIONAL -- Feel free to add any information or context that you feel comfortable sharing with the facilitation team about the above. While optional, this may help us understand how to best support you in having a great experience in the course. You may also share this in a phone call.
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I understand that missing the 1st session of the weekend normally means forfeiting one's spot in the workshop. Exceptions will only be considered on a case by case basis.
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Thank you for your application! We look forward to confirming your participation within 5 days or less. *Note* - Google forms does not inform us when new submissions are received. If you haven't heard from us in a few days, feel free to email jana@tgroupsforwomen.com. Warmly, Jana and team
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