From Me To You (From You To Me)
Dear Friend,

This form is an invitation to reach out to an elder neighbor in Redmond, WA and was created as part of the 2021 Redmond Art Season Grant by visual artist Tina Velazquez Hays.  

How to use this form:
You can fill in one or more of the sections below, There is NO MINIMUM FIELD REQUIREMENT to submit your response. Please remember to click on "submit the form" (button at the bottom of the page) when you are done adding your message. The messages collected through this form will be printed and safely delivered to a senior member of the community. Please keep your messages safe and generalized.

These have been, and continue to be, challenging times in which many of us feel an increased sense of isolation and loneliness. Let's continue to find ways to safely connect with each other- especially with our elder neighbors. It might feel strange or difficult to write to someone you don’t know, but the act of writing and sharing your thoughts, (a word of encouragement or kind sentiment) creates a connection. A tip: Imagine you are already in conversation or that you are writing to a good friend.

This form is part of a temporary visual public art project by Tina Velazquez Hays, an Eastside visual artist with a background in art therapy and interest in community wellness. The temporary sculptures titled "From Me To You" (From You To Me) will be installed in Downtown Park, 16101 NE, Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052. To view more of Tina's work visit:

For more information about services for seniors in Redmond and for services about mental health resources please visit:

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Dear Neighbor,
Greetings,  I hope you know there is someone in your community thinking about you in these hard times. I would like to share with you a little bit about my life right now....
Try your hand at a bit of poetry or write down a positive message (no rhyming required)
Tell a joke or propose a riddle, don't forget to include the answer though!
What I love most about living in Redmond is....
Kids: What kinds of things are you learning about right now? What are your favorite subjects?
Kids: If you could be any kind of animal (magical ones count too) what kind of animal would you be and why?
Write about your favorite pastime or share about a fond memory that you have.
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