Mapping actors and activities in Biomimicry in the Nordics
We, Lilli Linkola (Ethica Ltd.), Anna Maria Orrú and Torben Lenau (DTU), are conducting a study for The Nordic Council of Ministers. The purpose of the study is to map forerunners and ongoing activities in Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries. The mapping will serve as a bases for planning future activities. It may here be an unexploited potential that the Nordic authorities together can contribute to making visible and increasing knowledge about nature as an inspiration and model for sustainable solutions.

Biomimicry or biomimetics is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Biomimicry was coined by biologist Janine Benyus, whose establishment – The Biomimicry Institute - has become a resource for designers, architects, and many other disciplines. We are interested in locating all people working with sustainability using inspiration from nature, that is both the ones following the methodologies and the ones approaching the topic in other ways.

Are you a practitioner of biomimicry? Have you applied biomimicry in creating new applications and designs in urban environment, industrial design or any other industry of field?

Please answer our questionnaire! The results of the mapping will be published in a pre-study report (Nordic Council of Ministers) and possibly also as an online actors and activities map. Please make a note at the end of the questionnaire, if you don't want your name or other information to be published in the report and online map.

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Country (in which present/active)
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Brief description of activities in the field and core skills and know-how about the subject. You may add links to more detailed description or information resources.
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Are the above mentioned activities (eg. project) ongoing or recently ended?
Size of project/ implications (e.g. project budget or turnover or some other metrics like number of students, if available)
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Please name who else should be in the map of frontrunners in Biomimicry in the Nordic Countries?
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