Survey Questions For Greensburg Schools (We want your input)
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1. As the Department of Education requires more and more from our teaching staff we are examining building 30 minutes of professional development time into the school day once a week. Most school districts around us have already been using instructional time to provide for this need. We believe the 30 minutes a week we would be using on Wednesdays would really help to improve the articulation of the curriculum K-12. We can assure you that the time will be well spent in helping us improve instruction and programming across the district. Please vote for one of these choices:
******Wednesdays are the only day affected. Programming would adjust to this loss of one-half hour. The day would be a normal two- hour delay schedule if we were to have a two-hour delay on a Wednesday. We would not use any time for professional development on these two- hour delay days.
2. On days of hazardous weather when a cancellation of school is necessary please choose one of the following options:
**** Your selection here is to just find out your opinion on using eLearning days instead of make-up days. We just want your view on eLearning days. If we do start using eLearning days, it will not be until our staff is fully trained in the instructional strategies that need to be implemented.
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