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This form is to register to complete your 30 mandatory work experience hours with the Agassiz Farm Fresh Market.
The Agassiz Farm Fresh market runs from June 27th - August 29th from 4-7 pm in downtown Agassiz at Pioneer park.
Set up is from 2:30-4 and take down is from 7-7:30

Please ensure that you are able to commit to the dates that you have signed up for. Please make sure to check your summer schedule with your parents!
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Social Media Manager (Job Description)
This Position requires a commitment from June 8th - August 31
This position requires social media posts 3x a week for a total of 12 weeks and a total of 36 social media posts minimum.
The social media manager will be required to post 2 creative posts regarding our market or local topics pertaining to the market, and 1 weekly market post with the weekly lineup of vendors and links to their appropriate social media accounts.
This position requires self management of time and resources and attention to detail.
This position requires a very good understanding of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and the ability to utilize the features of these platforms.
This position requires access to the internet on a personal device.
This position will be done remotely, and does not require the student to be physically at all markets, this position does require a level of self involvement in the market to take required photos to utilize in posts.
Children's Program Assistant Coordinator (Job description)
This position requires a commitment of a minimum of 5 markets. (to be selected below)
Each market has a time commitment of up to 5 hours on selected Market date.
Market Set up time is 1-1.5h // Run time 3 hours // Take down .5h

Children's program AC will assist the summer Recreation student in running the Agassiz Farmers Market Kids Zone.
This will require the ability to take direction from the coordinator and follow assigned tasks.
This position requires working with children between the ages of 4-12.
Tasks entailed in this position are (but not limited to) running games and crafts, assisting in setting up and taking down of Kids Zone tents and signage. Signing kids in and out of the kids zone, and hands on interacting with kids to help facilitate a fun and inclusive atmosphere.
Market Manager Assistant Coordinator (Job Description)
This position requires a commitment of a minimum of 5 markets. (to be selected below)
Each market has a time commitment of up to 5 hours on selected Market date.
Market Set up time is 1-1.5h // Run time 3 hours // Take down .5h

Market Manager AC will be responsible to work as a team with the other student in this weekly position. This requires the lifting of (potentially) up to 40lbs
This position entails retrieving of market materials (tent, signage, tables, etc) from the observer building and bringing them to pioneer park and setting up the AFFM booth space.
This position requires the ability to interact respectfully with our vendors as well as the general public.
This position may require tasks such as; Selling AFFM merchandise, assisting in directing vendors during set up, assisting vendors in set up, assisting customers with questions, taking down AFFM booth and re packing materials in the Observing building.
Position Applying for *
Market Dates Available - - Mandatory for Application of Children's Program AC and Market Manager AC positions
Fine Print
All position placements will be discussed with AESS staff. We will make the appointments based on number of applicants, and who we along with AESS staff feel would be best suited to positions.
We want this to be a fun work assignment, but we do expect professional behavior.

This is to be treated as a job. Upon completion of your work experience, you will be given an evaluation from us that can be used along with a resume. We will also provide you a letter of reference based on your performance.

We will contact all applicants once we've closed registration!
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