Biking Cannon Valley Trail June 4th 2022
We will meet on campus at 2515 University Ave, 55414 (University Village)  and leave at 8:30AM and travel to Cannon Falls, MN.  We will rent bikes there and ride to Welch MN for a sandwich and rest stop, returning to Cannon Falls --- undoubtedly we will stop for ice cream at the Dairy Inn afterwards and return to campus after 3PM.  We will be able to transport a few bikes if your bike is in good condition and you want to use it instead of renting.  All riders must wear helmets and purchase a trail pass.  Cost is $40 for a rental, trail pass, the use of a helmet and lunch.  For those with their own bicycles, the cost will be $15 for lunch and a trail pass
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This is typical of the trail...lots of shade, no cars, no intersections.  The river is right next to the trail down below!
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We will meet at University Village at 8:30AM --- if you need a ride from a different location please indicate that here. *
Do you have a car and can you provide rides for others?  Answer 0 if the answer is NO.  If the answer is YES, give us the total number of seats in your car including yourself with social distancing considered .  (Most cars you will answer 3 or 4 if you have space to give others rides)
Space for additional comments or questions.  If one of your roommates or housemates is also registering we can put you in the same car.  Request that here.
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