Asheville Tool Library Scholarship Application
The Asheville Tool Library is a community based project that seeks to provide access to a wide range of tools to all members of our community.  Memberships are $50-150 per year, however, we are also committed to providing access for everyone, independent of whether the member is able to pay this recommended membership amount.  We are happy to offer reduced or no cost memberships to those who need them.  In order to maintain transparency with the community, all scholarships must be approved by the Asheville Tool Library Board Members prior to borrowing of any tools.  We will do our best to contact you within two weeks of your request to make an agreement.  Remember Asheville Tool Library is volunteer run and not for profit. We rely almost entirely on member donations to keep providing this service to our community so please only apply for a scholarship when necessary. All approved requests will be valid for one year from date of request and will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis. All members, including reduced and no cost accounts are fully responsible for late fees. Thank you for your interest in Asheville Tool Library and we look forward to serving you.
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